GunSafety Rules

Gun Safety Rules

As we move into 2024, I’m looking forward to lots of time on the range and shot gun fields.  The shooting sports are a great hobby and a wonderful way to meet folks who share our interests.
No matter how much we are enjoying our sports, we MUST always keep safety at the for front of our thoughts.  To that end, I’ll be sharing monthly articles focusing on firearm safety.  We have all gone over the WCSC safety rules at our membership orientation, but it’s crucial to review these rules as well as other safety information.
If you have any safety questions, please refer to club safety rules on the website: Rules And Regulations
You can also attend a business meeting (First Tuesday of each month) or stop by the club house on a Thursday or weekend when open, and share your question with other members.  If they don’t know, it will be good for everyone to research the question and learn together.
Please read this month article and let me know any thoughts or questions.
Safe shooting.


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