It is Membership Renewal time.  2018 Renewal Form here, print out and send in. Please be advised that the 2018 membership renewal fees have changed. Family membership is $60 and Senior is $30 (Lifetime remains the same). If you didn't renew by January 31, 2018, your range gate key-card will be turned off and there will be a $5 charge to turn it back on.

General News
You may have noticed a shooting bench and berm in the field between the range and the skeet field. This is our new Archery range. It is approximately 50 yards from shooting bench to berm.  Please feel free to use it. Presently, you will need to bring your own targets and backers. Please, NO FIRE ARMS ON THE ARCHERY RANGE.

The pistol range is done. It is open for general use, please check the calendar for closures.

You can view or download a drawing of the club's layout here.

2nd & 3rd Sunday of the Month - We need a second worker to help at the counter.  There will be an experienced volunteer to get you started Contact the eMail the club or call
Wayne County SCOPE - has it's own chapter website now. Check it out.

NYS Pistol Permit Recertification
As many of you are aware the deadline for pistol permit recertification is fast approaching. For those of you that did not get a reminder letter from the NY State Police or need more information see the following.
Please be advised that if your permit was issued before January 15th 2013 you are required to recertify before January 31st 2018. This is part of The NY SAFE Act passed in January 2013. A law that many thought only applied to “Black Rifles”. 

There are two ways to recertify. One is to visit the State Police website and re-certify on line: https://firearms.troopers.ny.gov/pprecert/welcome.faces
The second is to recertify by mail using the form available at this link: https://troopers.ny.gov/Firearms/PPB-2.pdf

Failure To Recertify May Lead To Confiscation Of ALL Firearms!

After speaking with many SCOPE members, it seems most are selecting the paper form as it is a method of passive resistance. In doing so the State Police will need to manually enter the data you supply. If you choose this method it is highly recommended that you send it United States Postal Service “Return Receipt”.

Finally be advised that nothing in this webpage is to be taken as legal advice. How you proceed is your personal choice.