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We, the members of the Williamson Conservation and Sporting Club, are an integral part of the Williamson community and a community service organization. We provide hunter education, provide shooting safety training, and provide the conservation of a safe shooting sports environment for disciplined shooting sports practice and shooting sports competition. Our Sporting Clays course is has no hills and is easy walking.

Clays Path

The Williamson Conservation and Sporting Club is located in Williamson, NY just 25 miles east of Rochester. A detailed map and driving directions are available here. We offer the full range of shooting disciplines including skeet, trap, sporting clays, and a rifle/pistol range. An archery range is also available.

The Williamson Conservation and Sporting Club prides itself on having one of the area's most scenic sporting clays courses. The course, which currently has over 44 stations, is fully automatic and can be enjoyed without the need for a trapper. Take a look at our collection of pictures of the course and club.

The club calendar tracks upcoming events and activities.

Membership information and an application form is available here.


Clubhouse Renewal Update: The clubhouse inside reconstruction has made major progress to the point that the inside walls have new drywall and finished paint coating.  To this end, we are asking that no one attach anything to the new walls.  Bulletin Boards are now mounted, so items may be placed on those as in the past. Please include the date the item was posted. Anything posted for more than 90 days will be removed.

Any attachments to the walls going forward must be approved by Jeff Kunzer or in his absence Bill Welker.

Good Friday Event and Easter Sunday Closing: On Friday April 19, 2019 we will be hosting our annual Good Friday Sporting Clays Shoot. Shooting starts at 9:00 and continues until approximately 1:00 PM.  A sixty four (64) target course, will be set for the event at a cost of $18 per round.  Starting at 11:00 AM, Charlie Schweigart will be serving his famous Walleye and Perch fish fry, with all the usual extras.  Lunch will be free, with an optional donation to the Youth Shooting Fund.  Pleas join us for this fun event.

 WCSC will be closed for clay shooting on Easter Sunday, April 21st.  The range will be open as normal.  Saturday April 20, 2019 we will be open as normal for Sporting Clays.

Help Wanted: We are still looking for a volunteer opener for the second Sunday of the month as detailed below. You would be teamed with an experienced opener.   Hours are 8am to 2pm. Please contact Jeff Kunzer at jkunzer430@hotmail.com or Bill Welker at bwelker42@gmail.com for more information or to volunteer.

Special Notice: Active Duty Military can shoot at Member Prices. Please notify the person behind the counter that you are Active Duty Military when signing in and thank you for your service.

Membership Renewal:  WCSC membership runs from January to December, NOT on the anniversary of your joining. The 2019 Renewal Form is  here, print it out and send in with your renewal money. We accept personal checks made out to WCSC or cash, sorry no credit cards. Your membership and payment can either be mailed in or dropped off at the clubhouse when it's open (Thursday 9am to sundown or Saturday or Sunday 9am to 2pm).  If you have not renewed by January 31, 2019, your range gate key-card will be turned off. After January 31st, you will not be able to use your gate card until you renewed your 2019 membership and there will be an additional $5 Gate Key Turn On charge.

Monthly Meeting Notice - The monthly meetings are usually on the first Tuesday of the month. The next monthly meeting will be Tuesday, May 7th at 7pm at the clubhouse.

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